Jazy Berlin
Jazy Berlin
Acting • 1986-04-17, Los Angeles, California, USA •

Jazy Berlin comes to us from Los Angeles, CA, where she was born in the spring of 1986. Since she joined the porn industry she has been making fans and her fane base grows with each new scene she does. She hasn't done too may so far, but we are sure her career is just starting. There is no holding back those big hazel eyes and those epic boobs. And this blonde really has some serious boobage on her, a ginormous fake pair of DD-cups. Jazy is a rather tall girl, 5'9 tall and weighing about 123 lbs. She also has one delectable creamy booty on her and with that sexy as, her measurements are 34-25-36. As we already said, we expect to see more and more from her in the future.


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